Hi, I’m Yash Goyal, a interdisiplinary designer focusing on how the mesh the digital and physical expereience. 

I currently specialize in many ways of working, including but not limited to, interaction, experience, production, narrative and web design, along with physical fabrication & design.

I have a strong desire for life-long learning and believe in searching for the best solution for the problem at hand.

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I’m a transdisciplinary designer & artist based in New York. I’m currently focused on algorithmic design & mixing the physical world with the digital.

I’m interested in how to use technology to best create design platforms to enhace user experiences, while maintaining brand identity & meaningful interactions.

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04 Jox Bump


SOLO PROJECT - Competive Game

Jox Bump is a short 2 player game created in Processing. The objective is to bump the top of the rival player’s box.

Game uses generative code to create the background, and features screen wrapping to increase player options.

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