Hi, I’m Yash Goyal, a interdisiplinary designer focusing on how the mesh the digital and physical expereience. 

I currently specialize in many ways of working, including but not limited to, interaction, experience, production, narrative and web design, along with physical fabrication & design.

I have a strong desire for life-long learning and believe in searching for the best solution for the problem at hand.

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I’m a transdisciplinary designer & artist based in New York. I’m currently focused on algorithmic design & mixing the physical world with the digital.

I’m interested in how to use technology to best create design platforms to enhace user experiences, while maintaining brand identity & meaningful interactions.

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02 Chimera


Playwrights Horizons Downtown

Created in Collaboration
Written & Performed by
Laura Herskov

Writing Consulting, Dramaturgy, & Kahoot Design by Christopher DeSantis & Kelsey Stevenson

Directed by
Maya Quetzali Gonzalez

Stage Managed by
Gaia Malin
Assistant Lighting Design by
William Xie

Sound Design by
Orla Bordeaux

Music Production & Arrangement by
Molly Kirschenbaum

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